Statusreport on RecordPress.

In january 2009 the first version of RecordPress was released to the public. In june the same year version 0.3.1 Hello Dolly was released and today this is still the latest version available for download. For many years nothing has actually happened to RecordPress.

During these years I have received mails thanking for the software and mails about suggestions for improvements. Not a single mail has been sent on what’s going on here? Any updates or is RecordPress dead?

When you are reading this post, early 2015 this site have had som major changes. The logo have gotten a smal facelift. This whole webpage is now completely rewritten and is now powered by WordPress instead of static pages. Everything you read about RecordPress is still focused around the v. 0.1.3 release. So we have a new webpage, how about RecordPress itself?

RecordPress is still in beta and will continue be for a long time.  The future of RecordPress is all about an transition. Yes, RecordPress will move from it’s own system to become a plugin for WordPress. Why? Because WordPress gives us everything we need! There are only benefits.

With WordPress comes awesome security and a large community working and supporting the software. Moveing RecordPress will get nice features from other plugins available. WordPress is a publishing platform that many understands and is also supported by many webhosts.  You can install WordPress in your own language and it’s easy to add features like for example contact form via plugins.

If you are not familiar with WordPress and plugins, it means that a plugin extends WordPress with new features. You will use a great publishing platform and extend it with all the goodies from RecordPress.

For you who uses RecordPress today might wonder if your exisiting installation can easily be moved to WordPress. The answer to this is probably not. But I will surely check out the possibilities to make this happen. But I can’t guarantee anything!

And what about the existing version of RecordPress? No further updates will be available from my side. But since it’s open-source anyone can continue to work on it. It will always be available for download.

When is RecordPress expected to have a functionally plugin available for WordPress? At this stage I honestly don’t know, but the work has begun. When a somewhat functionally plugin is available you will be invited for early betatest. Be sure to check out this blog for updates regarding the transition.

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