Discogs integration to RecordPress.

We have made it possible to import records from the Discogs API so you can easily add new records.  This means you can copy and paste the release code, which will paste selected information of the record to it’s corresponding fields. This means that information like artist, recordname, label, country etc. will be filled out automatically.

Images will not be imported, and the reason is the API-limitation set by Discogs. With WordPress new media handler, it’s easier than before to upload images or insert from URL. With the new Discogs integration, we have combined the barcode and matrix fields, so they now are one field.

Since the last blogpost we have a working plugin and we have added a bunch of shortcodes and widgets wich will make it easy to integrate WordPress with many existing themes. While writing this we have two available widgets; search and category viewer and more widgets will come in the future. As already mentioned we have added a bunch of shortcodes which is needed to integrate RecordPress with themes. For instance if you type No record to display. on a page it will output detailed information about a certain record with no programmingskills required.

This is a somewhat short blogpost but we can inform you that a public beta release of RecordPress for WordPress is soon here. When it’s available we will update the documentation acordingly. Unfortunately we have some sad news for existing users of RecordPress. There has been alot of changes recently to RecordPress which will make it harder to convert. We will therefor not work on an upgrade feature, unless there is a large amount of users that wish us to do so. Let us know!

We finnish this blogpost with some pictures of RecordPress in it’s current state. Enjoy!

screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5 screen6 screen7 screen8 screen9

screen13 screen12 screen11 screen10

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