Design own themes

The best way to design your own theme is to look at an existing one! Change little by little and compare the results every time! If you have designed a theme and want to share it, just contact us and we will happily add it on our download page! 🙂

Install your own or an existing theme

First of all copy “rp.css” from your “CSS” catalogue (at your FTP) to your harddisk so you can edit it! Open “rp.css”. Edit the line: @import url(“origen.css”); and replace origen.css with your own! Example: @import url(“mytheme.css”);. Instructions can also be found inside this document!

When you have finnished editing “rp.css” copy this file (just replace it) and your new stylesheet file to your CSS folder found at your FTP. All stylesheet files must be placed inside the “CSS” folder only.

Create your own webdesign from scratch

Themes design may change completely in future releases of RecordPress! For now the official themes is based on the main consept and design of RecordPress! If you would like to change your layout completely, you must also make changes to the RecordPress public/main files as well (not the admin files)!

This is a larger job and may cause problems with updated versions of RecordPress! This is because you must take notice of the new changes and add them manually in your modified documents! We must warn you about this, before you start creating your own theme and layout from scratch!