Record Management System

One of our main goals is to make RecordPress easy to use and understand! There is still much that we can do better! Like this manual and everyone is welcome to contribute!

So what is there to say? Before you start to add a bunch of records, you are advised to test every function in and out, so you know what you are dealing with!


First you can visit the settings section! You will now see the settings you edited during the installation. If you need more help with this settings click on the Quick help tab!

Clicking on Users and you can add, edit or delete users. As you can see, your master admin account you created during the installation, can’t be deleted! There’s an 95% chance that you will never add more users! But if you need to, this is the right place to be!

The PHP info will let you know everything about your servers PHP version, settings etc.This can be handy for troubleshooting! The PHP info tab may dissapear in future versions of RecordPress!

Pages & links

Here you can add, edit and delete pages and links.The only exception is the index page that can’t be deleted!While creating pages and links you can specify in with order they will be displayed. Take notice that the index page is always displayed first in the menu, after that the pages and last the links. You can order them by numbers or letters (preferably numbers).

There’s no limit on how many pages and links you can create. Why have links? Well let’s say you have a blog! Wouldn’t it be nice to have link to it in the menu?

My profile

This is where you edit your own profile only! This is displayed for the logged in user only. Your quick access to the most important user settings including password changes!

The Users tab found in the Settings is mainly for administrate other users, but only if you have administrative rights!

Add category

Before you add records and upload images, it can be good to create your first category! There is one already predefined by RecordPress! This category is named Uncategorized and can’t be deleted, only renamed! Every time you add a record this category will be auto selected, since no records can be added without a category!

A category with records found in it can’t be deleted! You must first move these records to a new or an existing category! Renaming a category with records found in it is OK!

What category names should I take? Well I prefer to name my categories after the artist or group name! Like The Rolling Stones! But it’s all up to you!

It’s possible to add several categories with the exact same name! We don’t know if this is important to fix? It’s not an “issue” but please let us know your opinion!


If you are going to add records with pictures, you are advised to upload them first! If you’re unable to upload images, the most likely problem is that PHP hasn’t got the full rights to write to the uploads folder! If this is the case, you must go back to your FTP and set the uploads folder to 777. More info can be found in our installation guide!

Some web hosts have file managers on their account administration panel so you can change the folder permissions there!

Add record

Let’s create your first record! On of the things you may notice while adding records is that you must manually enter the pictures names from 1 to 15 (if you have 15 pictures to your record)!

Well this isn’t the best solution and we are aware of it! You can expect a change of this in the next release of RecordPress! Until then, we have to go the manual way! You only need to enter the picture name like pic01.jpg and not the path or anything else! Just the pictures complete file name! If you have specified the right values in the settings, RecordPress will handle everything else for you!

RecordPress uses grades from the book Goldmine! These grades has become a standard for grading records. The only differences (compared by the book) is that we have added plus and minuses to the grades! Maybe you would like to use your own grades, but we like standards and we gladly follows them!

Anything else we need to mention? Some fields that you leave blank will not be displayed while viewing the record on the public/main pages! These fields are record numbermatrixbar codelabelcountryyearmusic stylecommentsprice and the pictures!

Manage records & categories

As it says! This is where you add, rename and delete categories and edit or delete records!

Edit record

If you edit a record, you’ll see the exact same form you use to add records, except that these fields now are filled with the content you have specified for the record. Nothing more to say here!

Delete record

If you delete a record, you can select to either delete the record including containing pictures, or select to delete the record but keep the pictures (if you have several records listed to these pictures).


This is where you can search for a record, records on the same label etc. This search is for records only.