Do you have what it needs to run RecordPress?


1. License

First of all read the RecordPress license. The GPL license from the Free Software Foundation is the license that the RecordPress project software is under!

2. Web host

Look for a web host! Preferably a webhost that can give you a large amount of web space to store your pictures. For our Swedish readers we recommend Binero!

3. PHP

Ask your web host if they supports PHP version 5.0 or higher with support for .htaccess and ini_set.

4. PDO

Ask your web host if they supports PDO for MySQL (Module to PHP).

5. MySQL

Ask your web host if they have support for MySQL database version 5 or higher.


And that’s it actually! We recommend Apache for running RecordPress with PHP, PDO and MySQL. That said we can’t test RecordPress on every possible environment, but any other servers supporting the above requirements should work fine! Let us know!