First of all download the latest version of RecordPress! You find it here!

It’s possible to install RecordPress on your web host or locally on your own computer! The requirements for using RecordPress is found here.

Installing RecordPress on a web host will get the benefits that anyone visiting your homepage can browse through your collection! If you don’t want to show your collection in public, then a local installation on your own computer is the right way to go, as long as you meet the requirements!


Install on your webhost

We will now explain how to install RecordPress on your own homepage!


Unzip the files

Have you downloaded RecordPress? First of all you must unzip the files using a ZIP program (newer versions of Windows can do this by default). If you use Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat openSUSE…) or Mac they have their own working software.


Edit the dbconn.php file

After you have unzipped the file you need to edit a file named dbconn.php found inside the RecordPress folder. You can use a program like Notepad for this! On Linux you can use Gedit (GNOME) and on Mac you can use textedit. Follow the instructions found inside this document. What you need to do with this file, is to specify your personal user information to connect to your MySQL database.

Upgrade picture2

The only line you need to edit inside the dbconn.php file is:
$db = new PDO(‘mysql:host=localhost;dbname=databasename’, ‘username’,’password’);

You must edit this document! RecordPress can’t work without connection to a MySQL database.


Upload the files

To upload the files to your FTP (web space) you need a FTP program! FileZilla is a good one (Windows) and gFTP (Linux).

Install picture

Copy the files to your web space (FTP). Preferably to your root (public_html), if you want you homepage to be displayed in Consult your web host if you are unsure where to place the files.


Setting permissions

You must set right permissions to install and uploads folders, before we can leave our FTP program. In this example we will use FileZilla!

Install picture

Install picture

Setting 775 for the install folder, will ensure that the installation tool have permission to delete the installation files, when it’s finnished! Setting 775 for for the uploads folder will ensure that the RMS have permission to upload and delete files found in it!

This is one-time settings.


Visit your homepage

If you visit your website ( you should now see the following text:

WARNING! Installation files still exists or you have not started the installation of RecordPress yet! These files will be auto-removed when the installation is finished! If you get this error after the installation, for some reasons the installation could not delete the files for you! In this case you must manually remove the installation files and installation folder! For more help regarding this issue, go check!


Start the installation of RecordPress

Now it’s time to install RecordPress! Just go to to start the installation! You should now see:

Install picture


Checking the requirements and successfull connection

Since version 0.2.9 we have designed a new installation software for you. It looks much like this website ( Have a look at each tab, especially License and Requirements tab. Although you should already have read the requirements, we have written an automatic check for you!

Install picture

We have noticed that the PDO check will mark it self as succeed even if you only have PDO for SQLite. This feature will therefore trigger for booth MySQL and SQLite. We will investigate this since RecordPress is NOT working with SQLite!

Take notice that the MySQL check is not possible if you haven’t specified the right values inside the dbconn.php file. You will be noticed with an error! If this is the case, go back and have a look at your dbconn.php specified settings.

Install picture


Start the installation of RecordPress

Now click the Install tab to begin your installation journey! To confirm that it’s a fresh new installation we want, click on Let’s have a talk with your MySQL database >>.

Install picture

In this stage we will perform yet another MySQL check. If you got connection error message for MySQL in the Requirements tab, you will again see it!

Install picture

If everything is in it’s order, click Move along to next step please >>.


Creating the MySQL tables and needed entries

When we have a connection RecordPress will create the database tables and needed entries! Nothing more to say here!

Install picture



Now it’s time to change some settings. The installation has predefined settings for you but these need to be changed to your own. Remember that these settings can be changed inside the RMS (Record Management System). If you specify them now you probably won’t need to edit them later on.

Install picture

Editing the settings takes the “longest” time during the installation process. First edit the web site nameweb site description and header fields. To make it even more easier, we will show you a picture, to better let you understand what you are editing!

Website description

Install picture

Just compare the text colours with the same coloured lines in the picture!

The following settings is VERY important to set-up correctly! Otherwise RecordPress will NOT work as intended to! Remember that all settings can be changed later on inside the RMS! Specify the right values right now and you won’t need to change them ever again!

Web site adress: Just enter your adress to your RecordPress homepage. Example: (where the RecordPress files can be found).

Web site adress admin: Enter the correct adress to your admin folder. Example: (if you just copy the files as they are to your FTP, the admin folder can be found as in the example).

Web site adress upload: Enter the correct adress to your upload folder. example: (if you just copy the files as they are to your FTP, the uploads folder can be found as in the example).

FTP upload settings: If you have specified like the examples above (,, leave it as it is with the predefined value: ../uploads/

You only need to change this if you have your admin and/or uploads folder at another location!

Currency: If you plan to sell records you can here specify the currency! Remember that RecordPress doesn’t have features like credit card payments, pay pal functions and so on! If you plan to sell records it’s possible to show a price for each record. And that’s it actually! See it as an simple price information function!

If you are not going to sell any records just leave it blank, since if you don’t specify a price for an added record, the price information will not be shown.

Image width and height: Since version 0.3 image size is no longer fixed to 400x300px. You can here select your own size for your uploaded images. Default pixels (400x300px) are adjusted to the Origen and Blacknight themes.


Setup a master admin account

Now it’s time to set-up a master admin account! This account can’t be deleted inside the RMS! You probably only need one account but if you plan to set-up multiple user account, this can be done inside the RMS. At this point we will only create the one and only master admin account!

Install picture

Booth user name and password are CaSe SeNsItIvE! If you name your user name “admin”, you must login with user “admin”. If you name your user name “Admin”, you must login with name “Admin”. It’s recommended to use lower letters in user names.

It’s recommended to use hard passwords like “Ha&Zgt3FA1”. Think twice before you select a password. If you should loose your password it’s possible to get it back since version 0.3.

You can read more about the RecordPress security here!


Welcome to Recordpress

Install picture

Congratulations! You have installed RecordPress! What you need to do now is to click on one of the two links (one leads to your homepage and one to your admin page) to DELETE the installation files! Clicking on one of the links will automatically delete the installation files for you!

If your installation files, for some reasons could not be deleted by the installation software, you must manually delete them, since the installation doesn’t have permission! This is done by starting your FTP program and delete the “install” folder manually.


Install RecordPress on your own computer

If you wan’t to install RecordPress on your own computer, you must first install every component (PHP, PDO, Apache, MySQL) that RecordPress needs. Instructions on how to install these components differ from witch operating system you use. If you need help with this, Google is your best friend. By searching you will find many good installation articles for your operatingsystem.

When every component is installed properly, just follow the installation guide above with some exceptions. Still it depends on witch operatingsystem you use. If you need help with this, again Google is your best friend.



Welcome to RecordPress!