I have been a record collector for many years! During this time I started to categorize records in an excel document!!! And this really worked out well! But think of it!? How nice is this way on a scale from 1 to 10? In my opinion… 2! So how do we deal with the situation?

The short story

The idea of this project was found in the late part of 2005. ASP was the programming language combined with Access database and this projects name was  Bocken Records software. In 2006 I took the ideas from my brain and wrote the first version. During this time the idea to release this software to other record collectors was born! Yes, a software that’s FREE to use and everyone is invited to contribute in their own ways!

In 2007 the projects name was changed to the µrecords project. I was working on this project from time to time until 2008 where I left ASP and this project took a new shape with PHP and MySQL! The PHP version was rewritten from scratch and again this project got a new name with it’s own dedicated homepage! RecordPress!


RecordPress was finally released and the story continues…